Sitting over Chicago
Sitting over Chicago

Hey there,

I’m Colin Ashby, a blogger, writer, designer, and Parks & Recreation enthusiast.

I’m writing a novel, designing my dream tiny house, and on the constant search for new adventures (whether that be traveling somewhere or just working up the guts to drink coffee without wanting to throw up).

I love personalization, comedy, indie stuff, and people that are as upbeat about all-you-can-eat buffets as I am.

On the Yangon Circular Train route in Yangon, Myanmar
The temples in Bagan, Myanmar

This blog is filled with various lifestyle topics and interests I’ve gone through. It’s for people who are looking to find balance between pursuing their big goals while also wanting to do nothing but sit on the couch and watch Netflix. In life we only got so much time—time to travel to places we want to travel, work jobs we actually don’t hate, pursue our dreams, and ultimately lead a fulfilled life.

But life bombards you with distractions and lots of responsibilities.

You have a million goals and not enough time. You want to become better at something, achieve something, became a world-class knitter (that would actually be kind of cool). Work/life balance seems to be the ultimate struggle nowadays.

Well, I’m here to give my low down on experiences and things I learn while fumbling to achieve big goals but feeling like a lazy sloth. I’ll share thoughts on people-watching, lessons in career growth, working on my novel, and more.

Like some old 50’s movie, I want to look at you and say “You’ll do great things, kid. I believe in you” while puffing on a cigar and sitting in a leather chair.  Let’s figure out a way to conquer big goals on our own terms. Yeah? Yeah!