This Is How I Do This! Da Da, La

This is a phrase I heard a lot during a trip I had to New York City. Whenever subway performers would start their show, many of them said in a highly enthusiastic tone that was so upbeat it would snap commuters out of their commuting daze. I loved it (probably more than most people on the subway). While they would do their performance, I was like a proud parent, clapping along and smiling brightly to them.

Where am I going with this…oh yeah, I mention it because it was a great way they introduced people to them and what they did. Here’s my introduction. I’m Colin Ashby, a reader, writer, designer, and indie writing and film enthusiast. I just love things like Silver Linings Playbook and Buzzfeed lists, ya know? Cowbell is my jam too.

This site covers cultivating creativity, nailing passion projects (like novel writing!), and stumbling to figure out the various steps of adulting there are (investing, careers, personal finance and more) and the other 84 random thoughts (and seemingly grand ideas) I conjure up while daydreaming.

Maybe your reading this site while sipping on your morning coffee or found it while googling car living. While I don’t like coffee, I have reached somewhat expert level on car living, so there’s a conversation starter.

This site is for the person coming into their own and taking charge of the various facets of life. The type of person who’s embracing transitions and being proudly eclectic.

Here’s some things I’ve done in the past.

Film blog: This was so fun to do! I’m an indie film enthusiast and started a film blog while I was in university. I covered things like film reviews, commentary, and such. It was fun but I grew tired of it after a while. I wanted to focus more on creating rather than just critiquing things.

Old website: While this current website is on the WordPress framework, I actually have a site I created entirely with HTML and CSS. It was part of a web design class in university. The class helped me develop a love for coding. I love the site so much! It really shows those “scrappy beginnings” haha.

Rebel With A Plan: I’ve always had an interest in understanding money better. I don’t think money is an evil thing, but rather a tool used to cultivate the life you want. I currently run this site where I discuss personal finance and personal development topics such as money management, money mindset, destroying debt, and personal development activities. The site’s name, Rebel With A Plan, is a philosophy around life about rebelling against the norm of being in debt and stagnant, realizing your unique qualities, and taking charge of your life.