“This is Benjamin. He’s a little worried about his future”

In case you didn’t get the reference, it’s from the famous movie The Graduate (1967) starring Dustin Hoffman.

I’ve been thinking about the movie a lot now that I’m a college graduate. It finally happened. After four years two and a half years of hard work, I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications-Public Relations from Texas State University.

Many people, when graduating college, say it hasn’t hit them yet that they are finally done. Not for me. It has most definitely hit that I am done. The exams, essays, frivolous quizzes and assignments, I’m all done now. As they often say, it’s the first day of the rest of my life.

Now, it’s incredibly scary not having a job lined up after college but also a bit good. I’m in the job search now and setting the principles I want to live by and the things I want to do. ┬áRight now I don’t think I want to live in Texas. Living somewhere else for a while, getting out of my comfort zone, seems fitting.

I’m ready. I can do this. Let’s go!